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Groseko Indarra Surf Eskola

Since GROSEKO INDARRA SURF ESKOLA first opened its doors in 2006 we’ve had only one goal: to share our knowledge and passion for surfing. We’ve perfected our teaching techniques over the years and have seen how our students enjoy learning to surf and improving their skills.

We see surfing as an exciting experience for all ages and abilities. That’s why we offer different types of courses for kids, teens and adult beginners, as well as intermediate and high-performance advanced surfers.

But we know there’s more to surfing than just waves. We want your time with us to be unforgettable, to share our passion for the outdoors, and give you the chance to meet people with the same interests and concerns. We’ll provide everything you need to make it easy for you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of surfing.

Surf lessons

beginning, intermediate, advanced & groups


First steps

Learn the basics of surfing. The instructor will start you out on smaller waves and white foam piles close to shore.

Target skills: Handling the board in the water, paddling, standing up and riding waves, all at the most basic level

      • Classes are always separated by age group and level.
      • Maximum 6 students per instructor.
      • Minimum 4 students.
      • All you need to go surfing is provided: Changing room + surfboards + wetsuits + instructor + liability insurance.

Week / €100*

5 lessons

90 min per day

Monday to Friday

From June to September

* Second week €85

Monthly Midweek / €85*

1 lesson per week

90 min per day

4 weeks

From October to June

* €80 for a quaterly payment of €240

Monthly Weekend / €100*

1 lesson per week

90 min per day

4 weeks

From October to June

* €95 for a quaterly payment of €285

Private lessons

Personalized coaching tailored to your abilities.
Lessons can be 1-on-1, 2-on-1, or 3-on-1. You choose the length.
See table for prices. For more lessons or larger groups, contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp.
1 Person 2-3 People 4-6 People
1 h 30 min. €65 €55 €45
3 h €125 €105 €85
4 h 30 min. €185 €155 €125
6 h €242 €202 €162
7 h 30 min. €297 €247 €197
9 h €350 €290 €230
10 h 30 min. €400 €330 €260

Advanced Surf Coaching

Step up your game

This is about taking it to the next level, whether for pleasure, competition or to hone your performance skills for surfing championships. A combination of physical training and techniques out of the water (skate, running, gym exercises: TRX, Bosun workout, foam roller…) and in-the-water sessions with video analysis and feedback.

This programme is designed for people who can catch waves without assistance and surf under different conditions.

Target skills: Increase physical strength, resilience, balance and flexibility needed for surfing. mprove techniques for paddling, standing up on the board, positioning and reading waves. You’ll also work on surf manoeuvres from the basic to the most advanced.

Option A / 75€

1 lesson per week

90 min per day

4 weeks

From October to June

Option B / 125€*

2 lessons per week

90 min per day

4 weeks

From October to June

* Under 16 years €87,5.

Large groups and school groups

Special rates

If you come with a large group or are interested in a school outing for your class, we offer special rates. To know more about prices contact us!

Surf gift

Give surf lessons to whomever you want!

You can give any of our courses to whomever you want. Just get in touch with us to provide the personal details of the person who will receive the gift.



In order to offer the best possible services, you need the best team. Our staff gets better every year. We now have a top-notch group of surfers and bodyboarders, high-level instructors (certified by Basque Surfing Federation), education and coaching specialists, and a great management team. That’s what it takes to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.